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The Virtual Assistant for People with Autism

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Connect key people

Zac Picto brings together people involved with the well being of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. For parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists and doctors who have the virtual ability to team up.


Schedule Manager

People with autism perform better when they have a fixed daily routine. Zac Picto provides a visual organizer so that a person with autism can instantly see present and future activities thus avoiding sources of frustration.


Measure Progress

People on the spectrum will evolve at different levels and might perform better in certain areas than others. Zac Picto provides a complete solution where it’s possible to plan, set goals, keep notes and track progress.


Lifetime Assistant

Early intervention is key to success. Zac Picto will assist your loved ones from the day of the diagnosis and will continue to set milestones over their lifetime. Access Zac Picto from any PC, Mac or Linux connected with the Internet.


Unlimited Activities

Zac Picto offers a powerful activity system where parents and professionals alike can interact with a child using electronic activities. It’s possible to create personalized activities or use the ones offered by the Zac Picto community. With a single click you can launch a video, visit a website or launch software.


Support any Therapy

Zac Picto will assist any kind of therapy such as ABA, Floortime, Sunrise, etc. Zac Picto offers a neutral platform providing the full potential for parents to work with their specialists and ensure the best system for their child. Zac Picto also provides a step by step visual task manager.